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Come, Lord Jesus!

I love advent.  In fact, I actually wished it lasted longer than four weeks (this year, any way).  I love all the decorations- the Advent wreaths, the Christmas lights that have begun to pop up around town, and the candles in the windows.  I love the traditional Advent hymns- you know "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel," and "Come, Thou Long-expected Jesus."  I love to watch the movies I can only watch at this time of year- the old Alistair Sim "A Christmas Carol" and (my personal all-time fave) "A Charlie Brown Christmas." 
   Advent comes from the Latin advenio (adventus).  Adventus is translated to come.  In this holy season, thousands of Christians around the world are preparing to remember the coming, the birth, of the Babe of Bethlehem.  We believe that is not just any other baby, although all babies are special.  This Baby, however, is not only fully human; He is also God in the flesh, fully divine.
  We also believe that some day, Jesus will c…

Be prepared

Matthew 25 is part of what is often called the "little apocalypse."  That is to say the teachings in this section of Matthew (chapters 23-25) focus on the end times and the second coming of Jesus.  Every once in a while some one comes along and declares he or she knows the exact date when the world as we know comes to an end.  Our Lord, however, proclaims something different: the time and the day are known to God alone.  So those who claim to be followers of Jesus must always be alert and ready.  "Be prepared!" as the Scouts have it.
  Jesus' first parable in Matthew 25 tells of this coming with the joy and anticipation of a wedding.  Ten bridesmaids are sent out to wait for the Groom.  They wait and they wait and they wait some more.  Still He does not appear.  Five of the bridesmaids planned ahead and brought extra oil for their lamps just in case.  The other five did not anticipate a long wait.  Their lamps run out of oil while they are waiting and they mu…